3D on the Rocks by Suntory

Great article. Amazing potential (for someone with start up dollars and initiative)… Novelty ice cubes in bars and (kids) parties.


Suntory‚Äės clever way to use 3D printers: ice cubes shaped like iconic landmarks and sculptures for a brilliant, original¬†advertising campaign.

It is doubly effective because iconic beauty helps consumers get used to printed products.

When 3D printers will have become a mass phenomenon the economy will change in a radical manner and in a relatively short period of time.

It is already possible to 3D print metallic and ceramic items and, in the space of a few years, multi-material 3D printers will be available.

The Maker Industry is about to go mainstream, globally

Source of the images: http://spotlight-media.jp/article/106898858482625693


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