About Me

I used to live in England (Worksop, next door to the Major Oak – where Robin Hood used to live), but now reside in Australia (Perth, Western Australia).  It is a little warmer, EVERYDAY, and there is less than zero chance of snow.

I am a train enthusiast from an early age, have travelled to many parts of the UK to spot and ride on them, but sway towards LNER for my model railway.  Perhaps its York, Doncaster, Retford, London Kings Cross, or just the site of the A4’s or Flying Scotsman.  I like the blue GNER’s electrics (since I spent more than two hours a day travelling on them to  and from work), but I don’t think there is anything like a good old steam engine giving it some down the track!

I now have a young family, including one daughter (Miss “Bictor” / Victor) and one son (Master “Spencer”), who somehow seem to have picked up a little train bug as well.  In part thanks to Thomas the Tank Engine, and also in part being able to get close up to Dad’s layout and be The (less than) Fat Controller making the trains go around.

I was fortunate enough a couple of years ago to move house which just happened to have two sheds at the bottom of the garden – one smallish garden shed and one massive shed which conveniently now accommodates a 12 foot by 8 foot layout.  You will note from my posts that I am serious about constructing my own ‘LNER-style’ layout, but also get pleasure out of sharing the experience with family and friends who may or may not be as enthusiastic as me.  However, if items would look good on the layout, I will look past the fact that they may not be LNER.

My kids play around my layout, so I built a miniature Thomas layout right beside mine so they can do their own layout construction.  However, it doesn’t keep me awake at night when they happen to pick up my mainline station and ask where are all the passengers, or run their Playmobil forklift through my newly constructed woods making beep beep noises.

Hopefully you get the picture.  If not, read my blog and I’m sure you will.

Happy reading and I look forward to answering any questions, sharing your feedback or listening to your own experiences.  Model train enthusiasts rule (at least one their own layouts) – would that make a good t-shirt?


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